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The Break

  • The Break Episode 1

    • The Break Season 1
    • 22:59
    Coverage of The Redlands bicycling classic for pro men and women's in the 5 day stage race. Colby Lange from the Wildlife Generation racing team is interviewed.
  • The Break Episode 2

    • The Break Season 1
    • 25:25
    Coverage of the Anniston, AL Sunny King Crit race and learn the origin story of the Laguna Seca Sea Otter Classic with an interview from founder Frank Yohannan. We learn how Point S Auto-Nokian Tyres team's director and owner Molly Cameron got his start in Women's cycling and began the team.
  • The Break Episode 3

    • The Break Season 1
    Coverage of the Amstel Gold 2019 Men's and Women's race, prep for the Tour of the Gila, and interview Dr. Greg Rhodes and Jessie Frank with Specialized Performance Lab on building customized experiences for each athlete.
  • The Break Episode 4

    • The Break Season 1
    • 19:53
    Coverage of the 33rd Tour of the Gila in Silver City, New Mexico breaking down the stages day by day and interview with riders.
  • The Break Episode 5

    • The Break Season 1
    • 25:50
    Coverage of the 33rd Tour of the Gila with in depth coverage of the race outcomes and interviews from the race director Jack Martin, Brody Chapman, James Piccoli, and Chloé Dygert Owen.
  • The Break Episode 6

    • The Break Season 1
    • 25:31
    Coverage of the Amgen Tour of California and an interview Anna Van Der Breggen and Peter Sagan.
  • The Break Episode 7

    • The Break Season 1
    • 30:00
    Coverage of the Cascade Cycling Classic and interview with cyclist Alex Hoehn.
  • The Break Episode 8

    • The Break Season 1
    • 28:27
    Features a discussion on the new era of cycling new events and new athletes and an interview with Chris Blevins.
  • The Break Episode 9

    • The Break Season 1
    • 22:05
    Coverage of the pro men's and women's time trial in Oakridge, TN and an interview with Boels–Dolmans rider Skylar Schneider.
  • The Break Episode 10

    • The Break Season 1
    • 21:26
    Coverage of the Tour de France 2019 featuring analysis of Jumbo - VISMA's and an interview with their American rider Neilson Powless.
  • The Break Episode 11

    • The Break Season 1
    • 17:35
    In depth coverage of the Tour De France and interview with Larry Warbasse.
  • The Break Episode 12

    • The Break Season 1
    • 13:36
    In depth coverage of the Tour of Utah.
  • The Break Episode 13

    • The Break Season 1
    • 28:30
    Coverage of the Colorado Classic with Chloé Dygert Owen's sweeping performance and an interview with Peter Stetina.
  • Break Episode 14

    • The Break Season 1
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